New Delhi: Swaroop Singh Kuntal became the fastest Indian to complete Ironman Malaysia in a record timing of 12 hours and 14 minutes.

The Ironman Malaysia was organised on October 26 on Langkawi Island in Malaysia. Athletes from all over the world participated.

Ironman consists of 3.8 km of sea swimming followed by 180 km cycling and finally 42.2 km of running. All events are required to be done in a cut- off time of 17 hours. Ironman Malaysia is one of the toughest competitions because it has an elevation of around 3,000m in the 180 km cycling course.

During cycling maximum temperature reached 38°C and while running it reached 35°C. These harsh conditions tested the mental toughness and physical strength of the athletes.

Kuntal is posted in Jhansi. He is a paratrooper and an IITian. Earlier, he has participated in many marathons and ultra marathons. He has won a 12-hour stadium run at Chandigarh where he covered 118.7 km.

Kuntal has represented Uttar Pradesh in the 23rd National Road Cycling Championship in 2018. Earlier in September 2018, he won Ironman at Jaipur International Triathlon.

Kuntal trained very hard to participate in Ironman Malaysia and his preparation included extensive running, cycling, swimming, and strength training.