Coach turned entrepreneur Luca Diddi shares how his football career enabled him to network well, which eventually assisted him in building his own successful digital business.

Born and raised in Firenze, Luca Diddi, CEO at Calciatori Ignoranti was coaching the Capri football team when he realized the need for a 
dedicated startup for the sports talent in the nation.

Only upon starting his journey as an entrepreneur, Luca realized the significance of networking. He had often heard about the hardships of the entrepreneurial world, but he surely hadn’t anticipated what would come to his rescue - his communication and networking skills.

In his transition from a coach to a digital entrepreneur, networking played an integral role. Unlike the stories he had heard where networking becomes a necessary evil - Diddi’s solid network in the field he wanted to explore did fetch him some brownie points!

Diddi was always told ‘Relationships matter’, that’s the most repeated teaching of everyone’s foundational years, teaching that most forget in the race of adulthood, teaching that Luca understood to its very core. Since Luca was a player first, he didn’t just maintain relations on the field, but beyond that, he maintained his relations off the field and consistently added value to their lives. 

When he set sail for his expedition as a coach, he continued to nourish his relations, to an extent that his network became his cheerleader when he started his entrepreneurial ride.

Truth be told, no professional relationship is “just another relation”, they are extremely valuable in one’s development and growth, they help you bridge the professional gap and continuously fill your bucket of knowledge, not to forget the tremendous value they add to your success.

Helen Keller’s saying “Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much”, clear emphasis the need for collaboration and networking. Luca’s professional network gave him the opportunity and guidance to transform his idea into reality. Through his networking capabilities, he is now connected to highly influential beings that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Networking is a personal skill that is highly essential for everyone and much more for the people in business. Diddi's footballing career and community attachment assisted him in having the perfect network for his sports company, but it isn’t just beneficial for entrepreneurs but athletes too. The most important thing for both sportsmen and sports professionals is to network. It not only assists you in finding the proper coach or customer but also in obtaining important leads and exposure. Networking can help you not only increase your chances of success but also get it quickly and early. It's not so much what you know as it is who you know in the sports industry.

If you continue to contemplate whether or not to expand your professional network let us remind you once again - your network is never going to disappoint you, it’s only going to amaze you, that’s what Luca Diddi suggests.

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