Lucknow: On Friday night, the traffic in Uttar Pradesh's capital city Lucknow came to a standstill after an armed moulvi took to the roads to protest against the chief minister Yogi Adityanath. However, the Lucknow police were silent bystanders and failed to act to bring the situation under control.

The man, who appears to be little deranged, is seen sitting on a green mat in the middle of the roads and raising slogans against Adityanath. He was also carrying a knife tried around his waist.

While the drama went on for a considerable amount of time, the police were seen simply staring at the man without taking any action.

The incident happened near the Annexe Building of Lucknow, where Adityanath was himself present for an official meeting.

After creating a lot of commotion, the moulvi gets onto his scooty and drives away.

After the case reached the ears of the high commissioners and an alert has risen, the SSP of Lucknow revealed that the name of the moulvi was Rafiq Ahmed — a resident of a resident of Aishbagh Ramnagar.

Ahmed has been arrested, following an FIR against him and the constables — Anand Prakash and Manoj Kumar — who were present at the scene were suspended.

However, the question remains why the police took so much of time to handle an armed man, who restricted the traffic and created commotion for so long.

This incident happened just a few days after a section of the police force erupted in protest against their seniors for not showing solidarity with two cops Prashant Chaudhary and Sandeep Yadav who have been arrested for their involvement in the killing of Apple’s area manager Vivek Tiwari on September 29 apparently for not stopping for checking.