Chennai: Posters displaying separate entry and exit points and washbasins for vegetarian and non-vegetarian students have been allegedly pasted at a mess of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, kicking up a row with a section of students alleging discrimination.

While pictures of the posters bearing the name of a local caterer pasted near the doors of the mess were circulated by some students on the social media, an official pleaded ignorance about them and said if found to be true they will be removed.

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A student said the posters had been put up near two entrances of the north Indian mess located on the second floor of Himalaya Mess Complex, specifying separate entry points and wash basins for non-vegetarian and vegetarian students.

In the recent past, several colleges across the country have been criticised for their discriminatory remarks, on the basis of caste and gender too. However, students have also been up in arms about the same and staging massive protests to stop the same.

The students of HNLU in Raipur were seen staging a hunger strike and protesting on their campuses, against the faculty members for sexually harassing the students and implying baseless rules for the students in their hostels.

Another incident was reported from SRM University in Chennai after a staff member masturbated in front of a female student inside the lift. Students lashed out after the college faculty tried to cover up the matter instead of taking it up on a serious note.