Pathanamthitta: Two women from Andhra, Navojamma aged 32 and Kripavathi aged 42, were stopped from entering Sabarimala. They were stopped at Pamba on Saturday. They were accompanied by their 15-member group. The women have been taken to Pamba police station. 

Both of them were warned about the protests that were taking place near the temple. Kripavathi had reached Marakoottam when the protestors demanded that she return. Seeing the chaos and consequent events unfolding, Navojamma too decided to go back. The two were on their way back to Pamba and by then protests had reached its peak. 

Three individuals - Subash, Santhosh and Mahesh - were taken into custody for stopping the women from entering the temple. 

The Travancore Devaswom Board, the caretakers of Sabarimala, have asked the government to relax the security forces at the temple and its surrounding areas. The police refuted this request saying that the restriction was in accordance to the government’s decision in relation to the aggressive protests that have been taking place and thus claimed the security cannot be reduced till December 6.