Yavatmal: After the sudden killing of Tigress Avni, the fight to bring her justice is still going strong. Veterinarians, forensic experts, wildlife enthusiasts and mere supporters of Avni have sought help from Maneka Gandhi, Union minister for women and child development, without allowing history to repeat itself with Avni's 10-month-old cubs too. 

A detailed complaint filed, addressing the Divisional Manager of Yavatmal district, contains several missing links and queries that have been left unanswered regarding the operation that was carried out to kill T1 in Maharashtra. 

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Dr HS Prayag, wildlife veterinarian and forensic expert, who has from the start been against the action of darting down Avni, is now spearheading supporters to bring back justice for the tigress. Prayag told MyNation exclusively that the unfair course of action in this case will not be hushed anymore. "We demand special investigation team to probe T1 issue from the very first human death, then they will know it's not a man eater." 

Sharing documents with MyNation, Prayag has taken the Divisional Manager through each missing link that has been pointed out by his team of veterinarians in the letter. 
While the letter has been addressed to the divisional manager of Yavatmal, Prayag expressed to MyNation that BJP leader Maneka Gandhi, who has always advocated the protection and conservation of animals, has offered to get her hands dirty and take necessary steps to turn the wrong-doings into right. 

Earlier this year, when Avni was alive and running her kingdom with pride, Dr HS Prayag had been ridiculed by the Maharastra forest department, when his team had confirmed through several images that Avni was pregnant, only for the Maharastra officials to be proved wrong later, when the tigress was spotted with two mighty cubs. 

Later, after keen observation and studying the wild cat closely, Prayag's team stated that killing the cat would mean leaving her cubs with no hope to survive. This was when Prayag brought out the initiative to use the Calvin Klein perfume to lure the big cat, capture and eventually relocate her. 

However, tossing this productive idea aside, Maharastra government hired sharp shooter Nawab Shafath Ali Khan, a man who has time and again possessed Schedule H drugs that come under the purview of narcotic drugs and breached several laws under the Wildlife Act during the track down of Avni as well. 

Now, after the grave damage that has been done, Shafath and his son Asgar Ali, the killer of Avni, have been reluctantly speaking to media organisations, providing varying statements and details of the kill, each distinctly unrelated from the other, activists said. 

Maneka Gandhi's promise to show Avni's cubs justice and the wildest possible life to live is the sole hope that several veterinarians and wildlife experts are hooking onto now. But will power and money swipe this too away from the face of earth?