Chennai: It looks like a rebellion is underway in the Tamil Film Producer's Council (TFPC) as two actors Udaya and RK Suresh have resigned as the executive committee members, blaming president Vishal Krishna's inaction.

Actor Vishal took charge as TFPC president with a promise to protect filmmakers, especially small film producers. The actors claimed that no initiative was taken and small-budget movies were still not getting theatres when the big budget movies release. 

Vishal was busy as Nadigar Sangam secretary while promoting his own films and did not take any initiative regarding the council, they said. Vishal also gave the meetings a miss, they added. They also claimed that vice presidents Prakash Raj and Gautham Menon did not show any interest in the council or its meetings. 

Other complaints include that Vishal played an important role in stopping the pension of Rs 12,500 given to octogenarian producers. The insurance cover for senior executives was also reduced without consulting the committee. 

In fact, when Vishal had become the president of TFPC, he had promised to start an anti-piracy cell. But almost all big movies were seen leaked on torrent even before its release. Piracy group TamilRockers were also seen challenging the movie crew beforehand claiming that the film is going to be leaked and no one will be able to do anything.

Apart from a direction for theatre owners to install CCTV cameras inside the theatre, no other action was taken . 

Vishal was also seen criticising previous office bearers of not solving problems like remuneration of technicians, rampant piracy issues, and more.

Vishal succeeded producer KE Gnanavel Raja, who had stepped down as the TFPC secretary along with producers PL Thenappan and Sathya Jyothi Thyagarajan.

But after coming to power, even Vishal has not been able to do anything that he had promised, say Udaya and Suresh, who resigned recently.