Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala BJP president Sreedharan Pillai said other party frontline leaders will join the BJP. And the party is awaiting the entry of that strong leader. 

BJP State president PS Sreedharan Pillai said that even branch committee leaders of CPM will join BJP if they’re invited. He said to the media, “I do not want to create controversy by naming anyone. We have not targeted anyone as well. We are with the people,” said Pillai.

“We have many popular leaders. We welcome others because of our inclusive nature. New KPCC executive committee list shows their weakness. I know that a leader in Kannur threw his phone when he heard the news. BJP welcomes any leaders including this particular leader”, clarified Sreedharan Pillai.

 Pillai has once again re-emphasised his statement that a strongman from Kerala politics would migrate to the BJP. This has again opened the lid of speculations. 

“From other parties, frontline leaders will join the BJP. The party is awaiting the entry of that strong leader. It is not easy to reveal more details in this regard now," he said at a press conference in Kannur press club on Tuesday.

The BJP leaders had claimed that after the Chengannur election, a prominent politician would join the BJP. People alleged that Congress leader Sudhakaran is planning to call it quits to join the other party. To this, Sudhakaran answered that he has lived as Congress and will die as Congress.