As a part of the United Nations annual Champions of the Earth award, Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with five other people/organisations will be receiving an award for their extensive progression and work in the fields of  bold, innovative, and tireless efforts to tackle some of the most urgent environmental issues of our times. 

Modi receives this award for his extensive work towards making India single-use plastic free by 2022. He will receive this award along with Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, who has speer-headed along with Narendra Modi the International Solar Alliance and promoting innovative ways of cooperation to take action on urgent environmental issues.

India however, has more than this one reason to be proud of, as the Cochin International Airport is also announced as one of the winners for the very same award. The Airport will take this award home for their largely used sustainable energy which brings them into the category of entrepreneurial vision. Cochin holds the first ever airport to be running on fully charged solar power only, across the the world, making the airport a perfect match for this prestigious award. 

“In a world of uncertainty, this is certain: We will not solve the extraordinary challenges our world faces today without extraordinary talent, new thinking and bold ideas,” said Head of UN Environment Erik Solheim. “The Champions of the Earth Award and Young Champions of the Earth Prize recognize those not afraid to chart unknown waters or be the voice of the voiceless. These people are changing our world today for a better tomorrow.”

During the 73rd UN general assembly in New York City, where the Champions of the Earth Gala will be held, the awards will be given to the respective champions. 
Along with Narendra Modi and Cochin Airport representing India with pride at the Gala, there will be another tinge of India, the host, Dia Mirza. The actress along with actor, Alec Baldwin will bring in a huddle of world influencers and leaders, celebrating together the change our planet is moving towards. 

The other celebrated champions receiving this award are China's Zhejiangs Green Rural Revival Programme, Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods and Joan Carling. 

The Champions of the Earth award, which enters its 15th year of being successfully, is the United Nations highest form environmental recognition for personalities excelling in environmental field, be it from the public or private sector. The UN takes note of all the commendable changes brought about by these individuals and groups to the worlds environmental well being. Laureates in the past include Afroz Shah, who led the world’s largest beach cleanup (2016), Rwandan President Paul Kagame (2016), former US Vice-President Al Gore (2007), Ocean Cleanup CEO Boyan Slat (2014), scientist-explorer Bertrand Piccard, and developer of Google Earth Brian McClendon (2013).