The Churu rally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Rajasthan began with the chants of ‘Modi hai to mumkin hai’ (It is possible because of Modi) on the day that India is celebrating the IAF strikes inside Pakistan to avenge the Pulwama terror attack.

PM Modi made several indirect references to the IAF action inside Pakistan, but never specifically, though his message to the Opposition as well as Pakistan was more than clear.  

  1. Today you seem to be in a different mood. With clinched fists say ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ (hail the motherland).
  2. Today all the bravehearts must be celebrated.
  3. From Churu I want to assure Indians that the nation is in safe hands.
  4. In 2014, I had told you my heart. Now my soul today says it is the day to repeat it. I want to repeat with a bow to bravehearts of India: ‘saungadh mujhe is mitti ki main desh naneen mitne dunga, main desh nahin rukne dunga, main desh nahi jhukne dunga…Saugandh mujhe hai mitti ki main desh nahin mitne dunga…Mera vachan hai bharat maa ko tera sees jhukne naheen dunga. Jag raha hai desh mera, har bharat vasi jeetega, saugandh mujhe is mitti ki main desh nahin mitne dunga’.
  5. Nothing is bigger than the nation. Those who serve the nation and who are engaged in the making of the nation, this Pradhansevak bows down to them.
  6. After 70 years of Independence, Rashtriya Samar Smarak or the National War Memorial was dedicated to those who laid down their lives, our martyrs.
  7. Rajasthn has not even submitted the list of farmers eligible for our schemes. The Congress government must not block the development of farmers even when the benefits are coming from the Centre. I don’t know what has happened to my friends in the Congress.
  8. As part of the PM-Kisan Scheme, Rs75000 crore will be transferred to the accounts of farmers without any middleman. In the next ten years, Rs 7.5lakh crore. And for this the farmers have to do nothing. When we announced this in Parliament, many said this is not possible. But it is now possible as this is Modi government. Within 25 days the first instalment of money transfers has started reaching the bank accounts.
  9. Aayushman Bharat Yojana entails Rs 5lakh free healthcare for the poor. Already 13 lakh beneficiaries have received this facility. But, among this 13 lakh, none is from Rajasthan, man woman or a kid. Why? When all the country is getting it. As the Rajasthan’s Congress government scuttled it. I request the Congress government to get associated with the scheme as soon as possible to make the lives of the poor easy.
  10. It is your vote those who are dreaming for a weak government and your vote will make BJP even more strong.