Video of a young boy tearing the national flag and saying that he is a 'Pukka Muslim' went viral and was shared by more than 21,000 people. Now, the truth about this video is out. Findings show that the boy is not a Muslim.

The two boys were arrested by the Surat police and during investigation, it was found that the boys did not belong to the Muslim community, but were actually Hindus.

The video had created tension as thousands of people shared it slamming the boy for his deeds and even attributed it to the Muslim community.

Popular personalities like Sudarshan news channel chief Suresh Chavhanke also shared it and said, people will call this lynching, but how can you not take any action for what the 'Pukka Muslim' boy has done.

The interrogation by the police also revealed that both the boys - the one who tore the flag and the one who shot it - are below 14 years of age that they wanted to play a prank.

The police let both of them off after giving them a stern warning aftertheir family members apologised.

Whether it is a Hindu or a Muslim, any act to defame the nation and the national flag should not be taken lightly.