New Delhi: In a shocking #MeToo account shared by an anonymous woman, activist Talib Hussain has been called out for raping a JNU student with allegations that there may be more such victims. 

Writing her first-hand account titled 'I was raped by the man leading protests against the Kathua sexual assault; he’s now out on bail' for FirstPost, the woman detailed how Hussain raped her while repeatedly insisting that he would marry the girl. She wrote, "All the while he raped me, he kept insisting that he would do “nikaah” with me, as if by declaring his intention to marry he would legitimise what he was doing."

She also wrote, "Just before I wrote this account, this “activist” was granted bail after two months of being jailed for allegedly raping a female relative. While his release was celebrated by people concerned about him, I received news from some JNU friends that I am not his only victim; there are possibly several others. Therefore, my testimony stands in utmost solidarity with all those nameless survivors who have suffered like I have; all of us happen to be Muslim women."

After this account went public, Supreme Court lawyer Indira Jaising released a formal statement saying that she does not "intend to continue to appear on behalf of Talib Hussain anymore." 

She also stated that Hussain has been accused in two cases - one by his wife and one by his sister-in-law, alleging domestic violence and rape, respectively. 

Hussain has not responded to the accusations yet.