Chhindwara: Congress leader Kamal Nath is all set to follow BJP’s footstep in Madhya Pradesh, where is the chief minister now. After all, when you have “kamal” (lotus) in your name how long will you lag behind in cow politics?

During a review meeting of officials on December 31, Nath said that he doesn’t want to see cows on the streets of Madhya Pradesh but in shelters.

"I do not want to see gau matas (cows) on the roads, Instead, I want to see them in cow sheds (shelters)," he said, according to PTI.

Not only this, Nath has also promised to build cow sheds in every panchayat of the state.

According to reports, cows loitering on the streets is not an uncommon sight in Madhya Pradesh and this has caused hindrance in smooth traffic flow as well as accidents.

This happened mainly because of the ban on cow slaughter in the state by the former BJP government.

Following the Assembly Election 2018, The Congress emerged as the single-largest party with 114 seats in Madhya Pradesh.