New Delhi: The Kerala police arrested Prabhu Dandapani, the main accused in the Kochi human trafficking case.

Delhi native Prabhu revealed that the trafficking form Munambam to Australia started in 2013.

The police told the media that Prabhu was an agent in bringing 71 persons to Munambam from Delhi. Prabhu also revealed that 19 among the 71 could not board the vessel from Kochi.

Meanwhile, the special investigation team probing the alleged human trafficking in Kochi has prepared the list of people who sailed from the coast on the fishing boat.

As per reports, 80 people including women and newborns are trafficked.

The special investigation team alleged that the human trafficking network is smuggling people to Australia through the sea route in the 'Dayamatha' boat.

According to earlier reports, 41 people left Munambam harbour in a fishing vessel heading for Australian coast.

The Kerala Police also suspect that more number of people may have left in the fishing vessel used for human trafficking from Munambam, near Kochi. The police had even found travel bags abandoned at a  private land near a temple in Thrissur.

Earlier, in 2015, a similar human trafficking had happened in Kochi. That time the Kerala Police tracked down the trafficking network from Tamil Nadu.

The Kerala Police also suspect that the forced labour and organ trade can also be related to this trafficking.

In 2015, Australia had made it clear that people who attempt to enter the country illegally by sea would not be allowed to settle there.

The country's Consul-General to south India had further stressed that anyone who survived the journey would be intercepted and transferred to Regional Processing Centres in Nauru or Manus Island (in Papua New Guinea).