Kozhikode: Kerala woman Archana underwent gender transplantation surgery and became Deepu R Darsan. Archana least expected that all this effort she undertook would turn futile.

The 23-year-old diploma holder in airport management had a lot to recall about her relationship and the story of betrayal. 

Archana (Darsan) worked in the sales division of a private electronics company in Kerala. Back in November 2017, Archana befriended Anagha (name changed). Soon, both became best friends and decided to be together.  

The relationship between the two went a step further. Anagha always said to Archana that if she were a man then they could have easily married and lived together. This drove Archana to mull over the possibility of a gender transplantation surgery. 

Archana soon consulted her uncle and discussed the possibilities of a transplantation surgery. At the same time, Anagha received marriage proposals. Archana grew anxious and decided to take the bold step.

On October 25, 2018, Archana underwent a gender transplantation surgery at a hospital in Chennai. And she chose the name Deepu R Darsan. The name was earlier suggested by none other than Anagha. 

Eventually, after a successful surgery, hormone therapy and counselling, Darsan returned to Kerala as a 'complete man' to meet Anagha. But Darsan's hopes were smashed to smithereens when Anagha ignored Darsan's messages and rejected his calls. 

On November 6, Darsan filed a complaint at the Peruvannamuzhi police station, Kozhikode district, accusing Anagha of cheating after promising to marry. 

But police refused to register a case, urging both families to resolve the matter amicably. A Depressed Darsan even wanted to end his life.

Darsan also said that he had a telephonic conversation with Anagha just a day before the surgery where Anagha said that they would elope to Tirupur in Tamil Nadu after the wedding. Anagha apparently didn't want to live in Kerala. 

Later, sub-inspector of Peruvannamuzhi police station spoke to Anagha, who said there was no relationship between them. She also said that Archana underwent the surgery without her knowledge. 

Darsan decided to file a habeas corpus, but Anagha stuck to her statement.

The chances of a person to change his/her gender twice are impossible in India, as per reports. Archana also recalled how difficult it was to arrange money for the first surgery.