Thiruvananthapuram: As Kerala suffered one of its worst-ever calamities with heavy rain and floods, the state has received support, solidarity and help from all corners of the world. 

Kerala is treading the path to normalcy in the aftermath of the recent floods. The calamity of the flood has caused undue pain and destruction. Hundreds of lives were lost in the deluge. Thousands of homes were totally destroyed and many more were partially damaged.

Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund received Rs 1520.36 crore and total expenditure till now is  reportedly Rs 420.12 crore. Much more money is needed for rebuilding. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on August 26 urged Malayalees from across the world to donate their one-month salary to support the flood-ravaged state, giving rise to a new challenge - the 'salary challenge'. 

Many netizens donated their one-day salary or one-month salary with happiness. Some gave what they had without thinking twice, but unfortunately many were forced to do that.

According to reports, if the government employees were not willing to contribute their wages, the state had ordered them to give it in writing to the authorities concerned.

Opposition party leaders criticised this move claiming that those who are not ready to pay shouldn't be forced to express their denial in the form of a letter. In many places, employees had protested and argued that there was no such law which says that financial contributions should be compulsorily made to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

The state government had earlier decided to contribute its employees’ one-day salary to the CMDRF. Also, several Kerala ministers had accepted the chief minister’s 'salary challenge' and had contributed to the CMRDF.

People allege that if they refuse to join hands for the salary challenge, then the state government will gift them with another challenge. And that's the 'transfer challenge'(punishment will be meted out to them in the form of transfer). Earlier, there were reports that an employee in a Public Service Commission (PSC) office had said no to salary challenge and even wrote the reason on a letter and gave to the concerned authorities. 

Sajeevan, the record officer of the PSC office was allegedly beaten up by the Left wing leaders. The leaders, though, have denied this. Sajeevan had also lodged a complaint in the Cantonment police station. Here, it was not punishment in the form of transfer, but physical assault.

Now, according to latest reports, havildars (non-commissioned officer of the Indian army) of Thiruvananthapuram battalion, who gave their no-consent letters, were transferred. Was it punishment in the form of transfer? The nine havildars of Thiruvananthapuram battalion were transferred to Malappuram. But, the official explanation offered said it was not an act of revenge.