Kochi: IAS officer Prasanth Nair is known as 'collector bro' in Kerala. People were inspired by his various programmes and policies as a collector of Kozhikode. And that earned him the name 'collector bro'. Now he is the deputy secretary at the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

Prasanth Nair has been hospitalised for a rare disease in Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Kochi. Prasanth himself took to social media to reveal that he is not well and is hospitalised in social media. 

The picture taken by the daughter, which he had posted on social media, has gone viral. The doctor said that he is suffering from a rare disease, acute sensorineural hearing loss (sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL)), also known as sudden deafness. Incidentally, today is World Deaf Day.

He also stated that his body reacted well to the medicines and can return home as soon as possible. Prasanth is also a prominent man in the field of social and political matters.

After Kerala floods, he launched 'Compassionate Keralam' portal to bring together kind-hearted people, who are willing to spend their time and money to support Kerala and get the state back on its feet. One of the initiatives 'Extend Your Family' is inviting people to offer a helping hand to flood-affected families in distress.



Dear friends, I’ve received many concerned messages & calls. Thanks for the love n affection. Hopefully nothing to worry. It’s diagnosed as a sudden onset of Acute Sensory Neural Hearing loss. Rare but with decent prognosis. There are a lot of tests including MRI of the brain & a fair bit of medication involved. Response is good to the medication. Life brings on something new every day. You realise you are human. Your responsibilities and vulnerabilities stare at you when you face a personal health challenge. But the good thing for the day is that my daughter clicked a few wonderful frames and compositions. Made me so happy that she’s picking it up so well. When the frame is good, the patient looks ‘ayyo pavam’ (though a bit embarrassing) and the photographer looks for some appreciation, you gottu post it! Pic courtesy: Ammu

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