Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Appreciating mélange is a point of concern or discussion these days. We live in a society where everyone or anything is being judged in one way or the other. Fat, you are ugly; thin, you are anorexic, and body shaming has been in the limelight for quite a while. When we fail to meet the assumed beauty standards, it takes a toll on our impression of ourselves and even results in us isolating ourselves.

A recent incident that has grabbed the spotlight on social media is the facebook live video of Sujith Bhaktan, a popular vlogger from Kerala. The  facebook vlog he maintains ‘Tech Travel Eat’ has nearly 251k followers, and in his recent post, he stood up for his wife Shweta or in other words for everyone, who has been body shamed through social media. His video is now an internet uproar with almost 8 lakh views and 13,000 shares.

After reading the "callous" facebook comments on his wife’s appearance and relating it to many other events, Sujith Bhaktan stated in his video that he loves his wife for who she is inside and that no man can love another only on the basis of one’s look. He said that it’s all about one's heart and how pure one is inside rather than one’s appearance. He mentioned that it’s absolutely insensitive of people to post such comments even while knowing that it can have a negative impact on another. His wife, in the video, very cheerfully stated that she takes the comments positively and that just shows how it is all about the heart and not the appearance.