Sabarimala: Devaswom minister Kadakampally Surendran has alleged that Kerala government's inaction is the reason why women could not enter into Sabarimala temple.

Answering the questions about women's failed attempts to enter the temple, minister Surendran said, “Government has made it clear time and again that it is not adamant on the entry of any particular person into the temple. If the government had such a wish, young women would have entered the temple much earlier."

Surendran also said, "Nobody should doubt the government's strength. Nobody must feel that young women were unable to enter the temple because a few hooligans tried to prevent them by shouting ‘saranam mantras’. It’s not the case. Protesters shouldn’t feel too proud about such matters,” he said.

The minister was speaking at Sannidhanam,, in the premises of Sabarimala temple.

Surendran also said that the government cannot wash its hands and say that it could not implement the Supreme Court orders.

Speaking about the revenue, the minister said, there was a dip in pilgrims visiting Sabarimala this season. Those who tried to disrupt pilgrims from entering Sabarimala are the reason for the dip in numbers and loss of revenue, he said.

The Board is committed to improve facilities at Nilakkal, Surendran said. He further added that he will not agree with the idea of propagating extreme views using the Sabarimala issue.