The National Anthem Awareness Campaign will teach people how to sing the national anthem without any mistakes. The campaign will be launched on August 15, the Independence Day.

The campaign will be led by Karnataka's former Lokayukta, justice Santosh Hegde and is being conducted by  Indira Foundation and Rashtrageete Jagruti Abhiyana Samiti. Popular musician of Kannada film industry, Hamsalekha, will hoist the flag and kick start the campaign.

To make this happen, a special chariot has been designed which will travel around the city of Bengaluru teaching people the meaning, correct words and pronunciation of the anthem.

The committee will have expert singers and musicians along with folk singers, dancers and volunteers.

The chariot will travel around 40 kilometers, and stop at 72 junctions in Bengaluru.

Along with teaching people how to sing the national anthem correctly, awareness about its importance and significance will also be taught by the volunteers in the campaign.

The lyrics of 'Jana Gana Mana' will be distributed in Kannada and English.  

During Karnataka Rajyotsava celebrated on November 1, authorities in Bengaluru municipality were caught off guard as they couldn't sing the state anthem 'Jai Bharata Jananiya Tanujate'.

Most of them did not know the anthem beyond the very first line and some even sang the first line wrongly.

Thus, this move to create awareness about the national anthem and making them understand the meaning, lyrics and pronunciation is truly a noble cause.