Hassan: 70-year-old Jayamma went missing 18 months ago from Hassan, Karnataka. She had left the house to go to the market, but did not return. Family's repeated efforts, complaint to police failed to fetch any result. The family had lost hopes of seeing her ever again.

However, the family's prayers were answered through a call from the Assam army. A Kannada-speaking soldier Zabiulla gave them information about Jayamma and took efforts to send her home.

Here is what happened:

18 months ago, Jayamma went to the market and lost her way. She boarded a train to Bengaluru from Hassan and from there, she boarded a train to Assam through Hamsafar train that would go to Agartala, without realising where the train was taking her. She is said to have got  down at Kareemganj railway station near Bangla border. Then, she is said to have climbed on to a vehicle that was going to Sutharkandi.

As she looked suspicious, the BSF soldiers stopped her from crossing the border and inquired further. She only knew Kannada and thus, a soldier from south India was called. Understanding that she was speaking Kannada, a soldier Zabiulla, who knew the language, questioned her.

They collected the details and made a video. The soldier Zabilulla posted it on social media and it went viral. The video spread and soon the family also got the news of Jayamma's  location and her daughter Sunanda, was put through video conference to identify Jayamma.

As the identification was made, daughter Sunanda went to Assam and got her mother back safely.

The reason for her boarding the train alone is not known yet.