India's reality television star Rakhi Sawant spoke during the Kargil Vijay Diwas and remembered sacrifices made by the soldiers to keep us safe.

Speaking to My Nation, Rakhi said soldiers have done a lot for people. They have been fighting against the enemies, not visiting their families for years, all to keep the entire nation safe from enemies.


Rakhi also said that she is aware of the dire situations of bombing at the border. But from her side, she wants to contribute to soldiers by lifting their spirits up through a Bollywood number she plans to perform.

She said, she is even ready to brave the bombings across the border and said, "Ek taraf goliyan bajengi toh, doosri taraf mera performance hoga," meaning if there are bombings on one hand, I will perform for the soldiers on the other.

Extending her love and respect for the soldiers, Rakhi wished every soldier stationed at the border and saluted them for their bravery and sacrifices.