Davanagere: Kannada movie Tagaru had become a superhit. Apart from the hero, three characters Dolly, Chitte and Cockroach dreaming of becoming dons had made a big name.

Inspired by this movie, three friends who identify themselves as Dolly, Chitte and Cockroach, dressed like them and killed their friend to create a name for themselves in the field of rowdyism. The three are currently in judicial custody, awaiting sentence.

The incident occurred at Harihara in Davanagere district in Karnataka.

21-year-old Prasanna, who calls himself Dolly, 19-year-old Prashanth who wants to be like Chitte and a 17-year-old boy, who imitates Cockroach, plotted to kill their friend Kantharaj and become famous rowdies. Kantharaj, who was a vegetable vendor, was acting like their boss and was ordering them to work. This had angered them and they didn't want anyone to order them around.

The trio called Kantharaj for a meet over drinks on October 26. They chose a place near government employees quarters near Harihara. They started drinking together and as pre-planned started an argument over purchase of a mobile phone. 

Kantharaj got angry and started assaulting the three. Prapared for this, the three attacked him in return. Prasanna worked as an autorickshaw driver and had stocked weapons like knife and machete in the auto. After beating Kantharaj up, they got their weapons and started stabbing him. They even cut his throat. 

According to Kantharaj's mother, his intestines had come out. He was injured on the head, back, legs and hands. His throat was also cut with a machete.

After making sure he was dead, the three are said to have urinated on Kantharaj's body just like Dolly had done in the movie Tagaru.

Kantharaj's father filed a complaint in this regard on October 27 after finding the dead body of their son.

The three are in custody and are said to have confessed to the crime. They reportedly said that they saw Kantharaj as their ticket to earn the ill-gotten fame.