Hyderabad: 2019 starts on a hopeful note with people who take big strides for the sake of humanity. A Hyderabad woman cop has proved just so.

A woman constable on maternity leave rushed to the police station and breastfed a two-month-old baby who was separated from the mother and was brought to the police station by a stranger.

A woman asked a man sitting on the road to look after the baby for a while and said that she will be back soon. The man kept waiting and the woman did not return. When the child started crying the man took the child to his house, and fed it milk, but the child couldn't consume it and continued to wail.

The man who was scared, consulted his friends and relatives and then took the child to Afzalgunj Police Station. Constable M Ravinder was on night duty and upon seeing the child wail, he informed his wife, who is also a constable, and was on maternity leave.

His wife Priyanka understood that the baby was crying out of hunger and rushed to the police station. She breastfed the baby and the child stopped crying.

Speaking to ANI, Priyanka said, "I am a mother to a small baby, so I understood she was crying because of hunger. I immediately breastfed her and she calmed down."

Later, the baby was shifted to the Government Maternity Hospital at Petlaburz.

The cops still had no idea where the mother was though. Upon conducting a search, the police found a woman crying at Chanchalguda. When questioned, she said that she had lost her baby and didn't know where to find it.

When questioned further, she said that wanted to drink, so handed over the child to a stranger. After drinking she forgot where she had given the baby and went on a frantic search.

The woman was admitted to Osmania Hospital in Hyderabad. When the two versions matched, the child was brought to the hospital and she identified the child.

The Hyderabad Police Commissioner awarded the couple for their humane gesture. The gesture of the couple is one of that brings the dawn of kind acts to prevail in 2019.