Mandya: Actress and Congress social media head Divya Spandana aka Ramya has vacated her rented house in Mandya overnight, giving way to speculations.

Ramya had taken a rented house in 2013 with a promise that she will serve the people of Mandya. After Ambareesh, she was touted as the next big Congress leader from the district. But now, with her stuff moved out in two trucks at midnight on December 2, people are speculating that the leader has left Mandya permanently.

This comes following people's anger against Ramya's absence from Congress leader and actor Ambareesh's funeral. Ramya had tweeted about her leg injury, but people had slammed her saying people had come in wheelchairs to pay their tributes to Ambareesh and that Ramya was making excuses.

When she did not arrive for the final rites too, the people of Mandya had warned that she would get “beaten up” if she enters Mandya.

Soon after the incident, it looks like Ramya has decided to stay away from Mandya and never step her foot there.

But politically, there is a more possible reason for Ramya's exit. Her dreams of winning the Mandya constituency went in vain especially after the Congress joined hands with the JD(S) in Karnataka to form the government.

In 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Ramya had lost to JD(S) leader Puttaraju in Mandya. With Congress-JD(S) coalition in the state and the latter having a stronghold, there are less chances of Ramya getting a seat from Mandya.

Though Ramya has not reacted on this matter, her action (of vacating the house from Mandya) speaks a lot about her intentions.