Delhi’s air quality improved slightly on Wednesday, climbing from ‘severe’ category to 'very poor' category after the Capital was forced to celebrate Christmas choking on Tuesday. 

The AQI recorded 217 with PM (particulate matter) 2.5 at 557 and PM (particular matter) 10 at 747. 

However, Delhi is not the only city that is reeling under severe pollution in the country. 

The air quality of the Capital turned 'severe' on Saturday and recorded its second-highest pollution level of the year on Sunday with an AQI of 450.

However, According to the Centre-run System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting (SAFAR), Delhi's overall air quality is expected to improve due to increased wind speed.

"The forecasting model predicts a faster improvement due to faster dispersion. The AQI will go back to the very poor category by tonight for next three days," it said, as reported by PTI. 

Here are the other cities which are having very poor air quality, according to the Central Pollution Control Board

1. Agra  

2. Bhagpat 

3. Bhiwadi 

4. Bulandshahr 

5. Faridabad 

6. Gaziabad 

7. Greater Noida 

8. Gurugram 

9. Hapur 

10. Howrah 

11. Kanpur 

12. Kolkata 

13. Lucknow 

14. Moradabad 

15. Muzaffarnagar 

16. Muzaffarpur 

17. Noida 

18. Patna 

19. Singrauli 

20. Varanasi 

Here is a list of cities with poor air quality

1. Visakhapatnam 

2. Talcher 

3. Siliguri 

4. Rajamahendravaram 

5. Manesar 

6. Mandi 

7. Gobindgarh 

8. Khanna 

9. Gaya 

10. Brajrajnagar 

11. Asanol 

12. Ahmedabad