Weeds, mobile phones and weapons were seized from inside the Puzhal prison in Chennai, when it was raided recently. Now shocking photos have leaked from the seized mobile phones. These photos from the mobile phone show how the prisoners are leading a luxurious life inside the jail.

Photos of the prison inmates show how they are enjoying access to smart phones, not just in their cells, but even in open spaces in prison. Some photos indicated how the prisoners were enjoying a sumptuous meal and even sporting branded shoes while playing badminton. 

A senior police officer told media that they are probing how the prisoners got access to phones and they have registered a case already. He said checks are conducted two times every day at 5.30 am and 6 pm in the prison camps. It is not clear how the items were smuggled inside despite the daily checks.

Anyway, inmates are allowed to make phone calls thrice a week to their family under the supervision of the warden, highlighting it as one of the measures to prevent inmates from smuggling phones into the jail.