Thiruvananthapuram: A Facebook post of a Campus Front leader related to Abhimanyu murder has gone viral. Peringamala Iqbal College Campus Front unit secretary Aslam resigned with a reason. He said in the post that the party is trying to make more Abhimanyus in Kerala colleges. So he is leaving from the party.

 A function held by Campus Front the other day had ended in clashes and SFI activist Shibu was seriously injured. Aslam alleged that the Campus Front and SDPI leaders planned the attack.

Excerpts from FB post


“I am a third year BA communicative English student. I had been working as Campus Front Of India unit secretary of Iqbal College. On November 3, Monday, by evening, Campus Front held a proclamation march. The provocative acts of SDPI local leaders resulted in violence; an SFI student was beaten up and an attempt was made to kill him.

“I’m resigning from the Campus Front in protest against this act of ‘adharma’. I’m relinquishing all my party responsibilities and membership. The violence had been an organised attempt of the Campus Front to create students like Abhimanyu. I’m resigning once and for all in protest against this.”

Abhimanyu was killed at Ernakulam’s Maharajas College on July 2. He was an SFI district committee member from Idukki and he was pursuing his second-year chemistry degree course in the college.