Bengaluru:  team of youths proposes to build a Ram temple at Hanumagiri in Bengaluru. Welcoming the proposal, former deputy chief minister and BJP leader R Ashoka said it is right to build the temple in the land of Hanuman.

Ashoka was speaking at an event in Mysuru and showed interest in meeting the team that is ready  to build the Ram mandir.

However, details of the team ready to build Ram mandir or sponsors are not available yet.  

The temple is being proposed to be built at Shri Hanumagiri Kshethra that is situated atop a hill in the heart of Bengaluru.

The hillock derives the name ‘Hanumagiri’ because of the ancient Hanuman temple situated there. Hanumagiri is exactly located at AGS Layout, Ittamadu in Bengaluru.

According to folklore, sage Mandavya performed penance (Tapasya) on this hill. Bengalureans also opine that Hanumagiri is considered holy as a part of Sanjeevani Booti from Mount Sumeru in the Himalayas, was dropped by Lord Hanuman as he was taking it to revive Lakshman, from an injury caused during a fight with Ravan and his army.

The hill hosts three temples, Shri Arkeshwara temple, Shri Ganapathi temple and Shri Anjaneya (Hanuman) temple.