US F-35 fighters were used for the first time in a combat mission, a defence official said. This definitely created history.

The mission took place on Thursday in Afghanistan's Kandahar against Taliban targets. USS Essex amphibious assault ship was the place from where the F-35 flew.

An official reportedly said that the strike was successful.

F-35B variant planes are capable of taking off from a short runway and can land vertically too. They were used by the Marine Corps. In May, the newly acquired F-35s were used in combat operations, Israeli military said. And it became the first country to do so.

Being the most expensive weapons system in the history of US, F-35s were launched in the 1990s. They cost $400 billion. The goal is to produce 2,500 aircraft in the coming years. $1.5 trillion is reportedly the expected overall program cost factoring in the servicing and maintenance costs of F-35's lifespan through 2070.

Supersonic speeds, airborne agility, sensors and more could aid in providing access to information to pilots, suspect proponents.

However, this program has faced setbacks, delays and even an engine fire in 2014.