Bengal BJP President Dilip Ghosh has warned of deportation of all who sympathise with illegal Bangladeshis living in India. In light of the complete draft of the contentious National Register of Citizen (NRC) in Assam, Ghosh warned all the illegal immigrants, mostly from Bangladesh or Rohingya Muslims, living in Bengal that “the future is gloom”.


Ghosh, a firebrand BJP leader from the eastern state announced, “There are as much as 1 crore illegal immigrants living in Bengal. What will happen to them? Well, we won’t leave anyone. The future is gloomy for them”.


Yesterday the Assam government came out with the complete draft of National Register of Citizen (NRC) that will differentiate between legal residents of the north eastern state and illegal refugees who have crossed over from Bangladesh. It has been a sensitive issue for Assam for decades where such intrusions have been a plaguing issue. The first NRC was carried out in 1951. In the eighties’, student groups demanded update of the list. Representations were made to the then Home Minsitry. Later the Supreme Court stepped in and under its supervision, the massive exercise is being carried out.

But unfortunately there have been many nay-sayers even in a transparent exercise happening under the supervision of the apex court. West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has been most vocal against it calling it a ‘conspiracy against bengalees’. TMC is sending a high level delegation to Assam tomorrow to take stock of the situation.

(With inputs from Tapan Naskar)