Chennai: Following singer Chinmayi's allegations of harassment against Tamil poet Vairamuthu, one of the organisers of the event in Switzerland, Iniyavan, has come out with some details about Chinmayi's mother and the ruckus she allegedly created back in the foreign country.

Iniyavan was one of the organisers of the event conducted in Switzerland, where Vairamuthu and Chinmayi participated. 

Chinmayi had accused Vairamuthu of seeking favours from her after the Swiss event. She said that the lyricist sent everyone else back home, but asked Chinmayi and her mother to stay back. He is said to have threatened to end her career in the film industry if she didn't comply. The incident is said to have occurred in 2005-2006.

Chinmayi clarified that she and her mother refused to stay back despite the threats and demands.

According to Iniyavan, Chinmayi and her mother fought with him for more money than promised after the event, reported IndiaGlitz.

Chinmayi's mother was in an inebriated state and created ruckus and did not leave till she was given the demanded amount of money, he said.

Iniyavan also said that he was put in a spot in Switzerland as the ruckus would have invited the cops' interference in the issue. He also said that along with him, even his family would have been in trouble.

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However, Iniyavan also pointed out that Chinmayi might be a good person, but someone is making her do these things and level accusations. He also reportedly said that one day, truth will come out that Vairamuthu is a good person.

Chinmayi is the first person in Tamil Nadu to come out with a #MeToo story accusing one of the most popular and influential persons in Kollywood.

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 Chinmayi also recounted another incident, when Vairamuthu threatened her to defame her in front of a politician if she did not sing the song he had demanded her to.