Jhabua: Eight days ahead of the Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has begun his massive rally in Jhabua town. 

While addressing the large gathering there, the prime minister thanked the locals for the warm welcome. 

Launching a scathing attack on the Congress, the BJP leader said that the people suffered a great deal in the hands of the previous government. He said that Congress was burdened by so many scams that they did not find time for farmers’ welfare. 

The BJP leaders promised that he will double the farmers’ income by 2022. 

PM Modi also pointed out that lack of infrastructure is one of the main predicaments people faced there. He said that, unlike the previous government, he will make sure that everyone gets their own cemented houses.

“Remember the time when Congress was in power here in Madhya Pradesh, what was the condition of people? Madhya Pradesh does not deserve a government which never thinks about the state's welfare,” said Modi. 

Earlier, the prime minister challenged the Congress, which is in opposition in Madhya Pradesh since 2003, to declare its chief ministerial candidate. 

"The Congress party in the state speaks in eight different languages in eight regions of the state. Every area has its own leader. You go to one area, they say the leader from there will be the chief minister. They are having eight CM faces....I challenge the party to declare its chief ministerial candidate…How can a party chief, who cannot even decide who will be the chief minister, decide your future," the prime minister asked.