To infuse the virtues, values, and teachings of ancient wisdom into our already developed modern minds could have been described as a near to impossible task if it weren’t for the strategies and techniques gifted to us from great thinkers, philosophers, and teachers.  

Living examples of individuals who incorporated the art of mindfulness and meditation into their daily lives are Russell Brand, Ram Das, Ekhart Tolle, Ravi Ravi Shankar, Daniel Goldman, Dr. Frowley, Ken Robinson, Sam Harriss, and Vishen Lakhiani, just to name a few. 

Ekhart Tolle, the author of the Power of Now and Ravi Ravi Shankar, the founder of The Art of Living Foundation, have both been leaders for the modern day world, grasping the wisdom in our ancient history and teachings to develop platforms and strategies for individuals to envelop powerful mindfulness through specific meditation practices. 

Russell Brand and Jerry Seinfield, both followers of Transcendental Meditation, are artists who have expanded the purpose of their creativity and art to understanding the significance of the life they have been given in their temporary outer shell. They are indeed evident examples of human beings who have been able to create a balance between their spiritual and materialistic halves by reaching the realization that they have just been given a role to portray - in reality, they are neither the mind or the body. 

By holding tight to the remote control of their journey, instead of allowing their minds to control them, the actors have discovered a pathway in which they could find eternal joy and blissfulness. Ram Das, a former Harvard Professor and disciple of Neem Karoli Baba, too underwent the realization that the destination that he was trying to reach was not his final stop to collect happiness. 

The creator of LSD drugs understood that he was in fact, galloping in the wrong direction, where his mind was overpowering the genuine desire of his soul. After years of self-enquiry and meditation, Ram Das came out with Be Here Now, a book written to convey the importance of the addition of spirituality, meditation, and yoga in our everyday lives. Being a psychologist, he was able to incorporate ancient wisdom in addressing the modern minds of today in a way that they would instantly grasp. 

Daniel Goldman, author of Mindfulness, too developed a book about the tools required to bring one’s mind back to a singular focus when it wanders off and is distracted. There have been several teachers, such as Dr. David Frolwley, an author and activist, who has promoted the significance of being a spiritual seeker and Ken Robinson, the founder of Blue School, who has emphasized the importance of implementing creativity and meditation into the lives of students from an early age. 

Sam Harriss, a well-renowned neuroscientist has also credited the art of mindfulness and the power instilled in the practice along with Vishen Lakhiaini, who is continuing, till date to promote mindful consciousness through his worldwide platform. While analyzing the necessity of instilling mindfulness and a spiritual quest derived from ancient wisdom into our modern minds, here stands in front of us, living examples of individuals who have leaped on the same path and enveloped eternal bliss. 

By implementing ancient wisdom into our modern minds, we will ultimately be able to understand the concept of mindfulness, a process of maintaining constant awareness of our emotions, thoughts, physical sensations, and surroundings, resulting in a lifestyle of eternal peace and blissfulness. The ultimate goal of mindfulness is to invoke acceptance, meaning that we be attentive of our thoughts and feelings without categorizing them into a “right” or “wrong” department. Through the art of meditation and mindfulness, we automatically become engrossed in our present selves and let go of any occurring thoughts about the past or future. More often than not, when we become caught up in the chaotic structure of the world, we lose our connection with one another-and ourselves. Now, more than ever, it has become a time for us to simply let go of our minds and then dive into the meditative state of mindfulness. Let us then, use our ancient wisdom to guide us through this journey of life - and aim to reach our ultimate destination, with remembering the experiential memories and present awareness of every moment of the voyage.