Starting a business is not everyone’s cup of tea and starting a restaurant is also a completely different game altogether. Before starting a business in the food and restaurant sector, there are many things to be considered. Asumoh Enyiema before getting into the business did thorough research and travelled to several places of the world to understand the restaurant business. He is an entrepreneur and a restauranteur at Sushi Star in Hell’s Kitchen, Downtown, Manhattan. However, he comes from an army background and he is a former lieutenant who has served 2 combat tours in the past. Based in the USA, his native country is Nigeria. 

His main goal is to make his restaurant a brand and build trust among the people. To be the best in the market, a brand must have the best staff who can provide the best services to the customers. He believes that the staff members need to be given the right training support as taste factor is the main USP of any restaurant. Prioritizing quality over quantity, Asumoh’s restaurant has been giving premium services to the customers. He has associated with many artists and influencers which has given the restaurant a lot of fame. Besides this, he has many clients including the Dannon Project, the first-ever sit-down Yogurt bar which has opened new locations for BBQs and Applebee’s chains where he handled the operations management. 

Being a true business mind, Asumoh plans to expand his work and start his own chain of cafes by the coming year. “You can’t just rely on one business. As an entrepreneur, you need to have multiple investments. I am still researching about it and it is too early to say anything as of now”, said the restauranteur. Moreover, he very often does a lot of charity works and is associated with many causes including the Little League in America. Speaking about his philanthropic works, he quoted, “I cannot come here and leave the world without making an impact on people’s lives. No matter how little, if I could impact just one person, it will always be worth it.” Looking at his work ethic and style, Asumoh Enyiema has redefined success and we wish him lots of luck for his upcoming venture.