Mumbai: While the #MeToo movement revealed shocking accusations against many prominent personalities, the Internet just couldn't even with the allegations levelled against the bestselling author, Chetan Bhagat. 

Bhagat was accused of flirting with an anonymous woman while being happily married after she leaked screenshots of their private WhatsApp messages on social media. Soon, thereafter fellow author Ira Trivedi too shared her allegations against Bhagat. 

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However, at a recent appearance at a literature fest in New Delhi, the writer shared how his wife dealt with the #MeToo accusations against him. According to Aaj Tak, Bhagat reportedly asked his wife to leave him as more dirty #MeToo laundry was washed on social media. But his wife apparently refused to leave his side and said that they both were like Lord Shiva and Parvati as well as like Ardhanaareshwar – two halves of the same body. 

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Bhagat has so far apologised for the accusations levelled against him by the anonymous woman but has slammed the ones by Ira Trivedi. The writer wrote about an incident from nearly a decade ago at the Jaipur Literature Festival where Chetan Bhagat made a pass at her. She also revealed that he had 'groped' one of her friends. "Harmless as it was, the truth was that it did make me uncomfortable. After all, he was and is a married man with a family, and this in my mind, was inappropriate behaviour," she wrote. 

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