New Delhi: It is safe to say that millennials are probably more 'woke' than the previous generations. And, as the world's largest democracy heads towards elections, the act may just take a toll on their love life or so a survey says. 

Dating app OKCupid asked their users whether political beliefs impact their dating lives and the answers will blow your mind. Indian millennials are politically aware, but slightly less invested, and would willingly support any cause that they feel strongly about. The survey showed that even though politics is the least favourite topic of conversation for people meeting both online or offline, women are far more mindful about the political leanings of the person they date compared to men.

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After all, 57 per cent of men and 53 per cent women admitted that they are willing to risk their lives to fight for their rights or for a cause they truly believe in. All they need is a little push to bring out the activist in them. 

“On OkCupid, we want our users to always connect on more, and not just superficial attributes like location and selfies. As a progressive platform, and through user responses to thousands of fun OkCupid questions ,  we have been able to gather tremendous insight into everything that might be relevant to our users from politics to pop-culture. And with the largest democracy in the world kick-starting its electoral process, politics will take center stage in people’s lives and conversations, these insights will help you find the right match and a relationship with substance,” says Melissa Hobley, CMO, OkCupid.

Vote to save your relationship


OKCupid's survey revealed that a staggering 78 per cent men and 75 per cent women say that voting is very important to them. So, if you are thinking about ditching casting your vote to head on a date, it may just take a toll on your love life. Especially since almost 51 per cent of men and women believe that there should be some kind of penalty for people who don’t vote. Ouch!

Your political vibe attracts your tribe


Even though Love Gurus have advertised that opposites attract in romance, the same may not be the case when it comes to political beliefs. Yep, 54% of women users on OKCupid prefer dating men with similar political beliefs. A majority of people are open to dating someone who has a strong political inclination for the right or left wing (43 per cent men and 37 per cent women) as long as it’s not violent. So, there should be no trouble in your romantic paradise if you aren't lynching couples on Valentine's Day. 

Politics vs love life


Even though politics seems to be an important factor in dating, unsurprisingly it loses sorely to physical intimacy. Over 60 per cent men and women do not want to discuss politics especially in the bedroom or on the dining table. 
When it comes to intimacy, Indian millennials are quite clear about it with 86 per cent men and 75 per cent women placing 'having good sex' over having similar political beliefs. Yep, so even if you support different political parties, you know what to do apart from voting of, course. 

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