New Delhi: Despite giving the world scriptures such as Kamasutra, India has often held a Victorian, sexually-repressed image. But it looks like Gen X and the millennials may soon be changing that. 

"While India has historically been perceived as sexually repressed, we believe this is true, but times are changing and the younger generation is far less repressed. Today, third-party statistics tell us that India is the sixth most sexually active country in the world and we have delivered sex toys to over 1,200 cities and towns across the country," says Samir Saraiya, founder of India's first adult products website, And, as it turns out ladies are instrumental in bringing about this new change. 

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Not-so-missionary metros

Consumer activity on the website shows that even though men make up for the bulk of page views (26 per cent), they are just window-shopping. It is the Indian women who indulge in bulk buying as shown by their 18 per cent larger shopping baskets.
And, if you thought sexual revolution is just something that happens in big cities, get ready to have your mind blown. Again. "Women from Baroda, Pune and Thiruvananthapuram outnumber male buyers. While women from Punjab purchase the highest number of sex toys," says Saraiya. He also reveals that Assam happens to be the kinkiest state in India while West Bengal is merging love for food with intimacy and is the biggest buyer of candy underwear.
However, when it comes to gifting sex toys, Bengaluru tops the polls. With just two months into the new year, the southern metro city has defeated Delhi and Mumbai to become the city that gifts the most number of naughty toys. Once again, Bengaluru can thank their women for the win. 
"Logically speaking, Bangalore is more bent towards e-commerce than either Mumbai or Delhi. Women of Bangalore outnumber men, and there is a substantial number of young single women buying sex products in the city, taking influence from western cultures and sensibilities," says Saraiya.

Porn ban vs pleasure

For long, there have been parallels drawn between porn and crime, making intimacy between consenting adults get a bad rap. However, there is a clear distinction between sexual pleasure and porn. 
Saraiya likens using adult products to people seeking help from sexologists and gynaecologists. "In India, people don’t want to publicly acknowledge their interests and choices; when it comes to sex products, but at the same time there is a rise in uncensored online content not tied down by the usual constraints. There is a lot of creative freedom in discussing sex and sex products. Thus, I think that we will be unaffected by the ban on pornography," he says. 

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