King Khan of Bollywood and the number one richest actor in the industry, Shah Rukh Khan owns everything in lakhs and crores. From expensive watches, to luxury cars and villas across the world, SRK owns it all. The actor who is known for his lavish lifestyle is also believed to be kind-hearted and generous towards his fans. No wonder people love him and adore him so much. We created a list of the most expensive things the actor owns. Take a look.

1.Villa at Palm Jumeirah in Dubai : Worth Rs 100 crores
Shah Rukh Khan owns the most expensive villa at Palm Jumeirah in Dubai and is worth Rs.100 crores. He spends time over there with his family away from the limelight.


Image result for shah rukh khan Palm Jumeirah in Dubai

2. A House in London: Worth Rs 172 crores
Shah Rukh Khan owns a villa in London that is estimated at Rs.172 crores. The villa is located in Park Lane where many Hollywood film stars and business tycoons own properties there.

Image result for shah rukh khan Rolls Royce Coupe

3.Royals Royce Coupe: Worth Rs 4.1 crores
Among his expensive cars, SRK owns a Royals Royce Coupe which is worth Rs. 4.1 crores.

4.Bugatti Veyron: Worth 14 crores
Shah Rukh Khan owns the most expensive cars in his garage. Yet he owns the most luxurious car Bugatti Veyron which is worth Rs 14 crores in the Indian market.


Image result for shah rukh khanBugatti Veyron

5. A Luxurious Van: Worth Rs 3.8 crores
If buying cars wasn’t enough, the actor owns a sophisticated and luxurious van which is worth Rs. 3.8 crores. Isn’t it crazy and amazing and only King Khan can do that. 


Image result for shah rukh khan A Luxurious Van

Shah Rukh Khan movies
On the work front, Shah Rukh Khan's upcoming film is said to be Hindi Medium 2 and Don 3. In 2006, Shah Rukh stepped into Amitabh Bachchan's shoes as Don in the remake of the 1978 hit of the same name, and fans welcomed his menacing smirk and inimitable swagger with open arms. He reprised his role in Don 2 (2011), and the film was again a resounding success at the box office. Since then, the audience has been eagerly waiting for Don 3.