With increasing work-related stress, it has become difficult for many individuals to devote time for their health. However, this is just an alarming indication of the fact that we need to get involved in physical exercises to achieve good health. If you wish to maintain a good body weight, then you can do so with cardio exercises. Cardio activities include walking, swimming, jogging, cycling, and participating in fitness classes. Let’s explore more about the cardio exercises that help in losing weight. 

A regular routine

Burning calories is an important factor in shedding weight. Start your day with brisk walking. Aim for 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise weekly, or alternatively, engage in 75 to 150 minutes of aerobic activity. Include strength training in your routine twice a week; this contributes to significant weight loss. 

Advice for beginners

For people who are just beginning to get involved with cardio, some light exercises are recommended. Consider doing the following:
•    Brisk Walking
•    Water Aerobics
•    Cycling
•    Jumping Rope
•    Doubles Tennis
•    Hiking

How many calories burn with exercises?

Seeking professional advice when it comes to health is never a bad idea. Engage in daily cardio exercises under expert guidance and notice a significant difference in just weeks. According to Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the following calories are burned during various cardio exercises:

•    Hiking: 185 calories
•    Dancing: 165 calories
•    Walking (3.5 miles per hour): 140 calories
•    Running (5 miles per hour): 295 calories
•    Cycling (10 mph): 295 calories
•    Swimming: 255 calories

Fast cardio exercises

Beginners must not immediately switch to fast cardio exercises. This type of exercise is typically performed on an empty stomach. If you are new to cardio, consult a fitness expert before transitioning to fast cardio activities.