Several veterinary doctors and experts opened up about how our furry friends are more susceptible to air pollution and what kind of precautions one must take to keep them safe and secure. Yes, our four-legged friends are at a higher risk of getting ill which can also prove fatal.

The continually degrading air quality is something to blame for the ever-shortening life spans of our beloved pets. While we do care for our pets, what we commonly overlook is the effect of pollution on them. Continuous and prolonged exposure to degraded air quality can give rise to a variety of lung, throat and nose diseases such as bronchitis or even asthma in our pets.


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Dr Gautam Anand, Senior Consultant at Dr Anands Pet Clinic, suggested a few precautionary measures that can be easily adopted by the owners while taking care of their pets.

"Just as humans find their safe place at home, try and create the same for your dogs by keeping them in a home that has fresh air which can only be done if you change your air filter regularly and also by using a vacuum cleaner daily to ensure a pollution-free house," advised Anand.

He also offered some tips to keep pets safe. "It's better to take your pets for an early morning walk, at around 5:30 am - 6 am, to lush green parks so that they can breathe fresh oxygen. And it is better if you use K9 anti-pollution mask for your dog while taking it out."


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Dr Satish Madham of North Delhi Pet Clinic suggests that the owners should keep their pets indoors and try taking them out when the smog is less.

"At my clinic, I guide and instruct my clients to constantly monitor their pets for any signs of respiratory distress or irritation," he proposed.

"Due to the rise in pollution, the incidence of vomiting, respiratory distress has increased in the pets," he added.

While keeping pets indoors might sound like a tedious job, as they like to spend time in the open spaces, it is the need of the hour considering the poor air quality, opined Dr Rajeev Ranjan Sinha, owner of Ranjan pet clinic in New Delhi.

"Try to avoid any kind of outdoor activities as the pets are highly vulnerable to pollution related illnesses. So it's better to keep them engaged with indoor activities," the vet said. "People should also avoid having any kind of pesticide in their house which can adversely affect the lives of their pets," added Ranjan.