New Delhi: A milestone in India’s skill education and training regime is about to come in July this year. Connecting all the knots, the HRD ministry will start this massive skill imparting programme.

As per planned 5 lakh students from all over India across non-technical colleges and universities will receive a minimum of six-month skill training in various industries and service sector units. The program name is Shreyas (Scheme for Higher Education Youth for Apprenticeship and skills) 

The last date to enroll in this program is March 25. According to a report, More than nine lakh students from 1,533 education institutions have already enrolled for the program. Majority of the applicants are from Maharashtra and India’s southern states told by education secretary to a newspaper. 

“Shreyas will be a major effort in the direction of making India's degree students more skilled, capable, employable and aligned to the needs of our economy,” said, HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar while launching the project in February, early this year.  
The primary aim of imparting skill training is to enable the students to get a wide category of job options relevant to skills. It’s a first-of-its-kind training program targeting students from non-technical degree courses. 

Besides training, there is a stipend of 6,000 per month. Also, the government will reimburse interns 1,500. Which altogether makes Shreyas India’s biggest skill program.  
As per government, 3 lakh students will start their apprenticeships this July and the number will increase to 5 Lakh before July 2020. 

The SCC will tap more opportunities in the near future by making more tie-ups with the industries told by the higher education secretary to a newspaper. Which means the government is trying to widen the base of enrolment by students. 

It’s a joint program by ministries of HRD, Skill Development, and Labour ministry 
The Shreyas portal will enable educational institutions and industry to log in and provide their respective demand and supply of apprenticeship.  

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