New Delhi: Women empowerment gets a boost as Ministry of Defence has issued an instruction to the army to recruit 100 women every year in “other ranks” below officer-level in the Corps of Military Police, say the officials. 

A government-sanctioned letter (GSL) mentioning the test structure, which the recruited women will undergo is been issued by the MoD. It says 1700 women will be inducted in CMP. Hence, soon the army will start advertising for it as currently, they are working on its details. 

The officials told that the recruitment will be continued for over 17 years. Those who will be recruited will undergo training which is likely to start around October, at the CMP center, Bengaluru. 

One CMP section has 5 members and as per the current proposal there would be two women per section and regardless of gender, the duties will be the same. Which includes maintaining discipline and vigilance, military traffic management, ceremonial duties and conducting preliminary inquiries in any offense. The army had earlier said that necessity was felt to induct women into the CMP to meet the needs to investigate gender-specific allegations and crime  

As this would be the first time that women are being inducted into the army other than officer ranks. This move will further strengthen the goal of women empowerment and it also highlights the intention of the government moving in the same direction and providing more opportunities to women in the defense services.