New Delhi:  The electronic waste sector of India will create half a million jobs by 2025. This includes 4.5 lakh direct jobs and 1.8 lakh jobs in the allied sectors as predicted by Internation Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank group.  

IFC, which is working in the field of e-waste from the last seven years had launched a program in 2017 under which 4,000 metric tons of e-waste has been collected from citizens and corporations and successfully recycled under the e-waste program. 

In a conference on ‘E-Waste Management in India: The Way Forward’, Joint director, Hazardous substances management division, Ministry of Environment,Sonu Singh said “The government is happy to see the commitment from the IFC in helping the sector grow in a responsible manner.” 

"If the responsibility is shared between the government, producers, and consumers of e-waste, then efficient management of e-waste can be successfully achieved in India. We are happy to see the commitment from IFC in helping the sector grow in a responsible manner,” Singh added.

India is among the top 5 countries in the world that generates e-waste. Hence, the e-waste sector has huge potential to generate employment and contribute to the country's economy. The electrical and electronic industries are already working hand-in-hand with the government. This collaboration has enabled better methods to handle. India generates two million units of e-waste every year.