New Delhi: Admissions registration for undergraduate in Delhi University will start on April 15 and will end on May 7. It will be the first time that DU’s admission portal will be reopened for two weeks in the month of May for students to update their marks and course. It will be a chance for the students to correct their application form in case of any mistake.  

Rajeev Gupta, chairman of the admission committee, announced the tentative schedule. This year the admission process is started earlier as compared to 2018. Admissions will be conducted for 56,000 seats in 63 colleges under Delhi University. 

The DU has announced that ECA and sports admissions will be delinked from the admission cut-off list from this year. Also, those who expect to change their streams will no more have to face a 5% cut in their percentage, but 2% which is good news for the students.  

Delhi University is also trying to establish a link with the CBSE database to access student mark sheets and certificates directly. If this is successfully done, it will end the manual submission process of certificates and will ease down the admission process further.