New Delhi: Aon conducted a survey over 352 companies across eight sectors and 96% of the respondents indicated a growth in the business performance. Which tells that there is likely an increase in the hiring this year. 37% of the companies in the survey, projected an increase in salary packages offered at campus placements as compared to last years while 62% said that it will remain at the same level seen last year. Only 1% of the survey showed a decrease. Majority of the tier-2 and tier-3 business schools have shown the increase in the packages in the survey. 

Anandorup Ghose, head of emerging markets at Aon said that “With greater availability of employable talent today, organisations are also looking forward to hiring MBA graduates from tier-2 institutes.” He also said that “This talent not only contributes to lower attrition rate as compared to tier-1 hires but also helps the organisation maintain cost arbitrage from a talent perspective and ultimately reflect a low perceived risk of hiring.”