There is no shortage of videos online showing people littering and throwing waste in trains and metros. Generally, they give the excuse that they have paid for the ticket or that it is the cleaning staff's job to clean it up. 

One such video has gone viral online of two woman eating samosas and then discarding the waste under their seats. The video is posted on Instagram with the caption, "#delhi #delhimetro Amma"

However, the video is getting mixed reactions on the internet; while some are criticizing littering in the metro, others are defending the woman. 



The video currently has more than 1.6 million views on the photo-sharing platform and hundreds of comments from people across the internet sharing their thoughts on the matter. 

One user wrote, "If everyone can eat in metro , why can’t they eat ?? What is so special to make a reel out of it ?"

"It's okay to do Mujra.. It would have been better if they were eating pizza burger.. It would have been better if Starbucks cup was held..
You people are not digesting this," another user wrote defending the two elderly woman. 

One person also raised the concern about their privacy and wrote, "did you take their consent before posting this! Respect somebody’s privacy atleast and let them eat in peace."

"When others eat sweet corn or carry Starbucks coffee it's okay, but if these two women are eating samose, they are made reels out of fun! Shame on you," another person commented. 

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