Mumbai: It would have been a sight to admire if vintage cars were still running on roads like some 50 years ago. People often watch old movies to revisit the magnificence of vintage cars. Cars are now more affordable but lack the design and the classiness that the old ones boasted of. 21-year-old, Yuvraj Pawar is making headlines for building such cars with modern engines and with more efficiency. 

Yuvraj has sold 45 to 50 electric vintage cars and is completing his pending orders. People find it almost unbelievable to imagine that they can fulfil their dreams of driving vintage cars through Yuvraj’s inventions. He has installed various equipment in his factories to speed up the process. Yuvraj has made almost 30 inventions since he was in class 4th.

Building machines since childhood

Yuvraj Pawar is a resident of Nimbhari village of Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. His father works in the furniture industry. He was a student of Mechanical Engineering at Kashibai Navale College of Engineering, Pune. His passion for building machineries never allowed him to have idle time. He would come back from his classes and get on with his work. 

As far as his memory goes, Yuvraj has always been fascinated by the working of machines. He was in class 4th, when he made a floor cleaner for his science exhibition project. He has even filed for patents of his other inventions. He has completed his graduation now and devotes all of his time in the production of farm equipment and vintage cars.

Attracting the customers

Yuvraj shares that he has experimented with making almost a hundred machines till now. 30 of his inventions have been successful. He has made agricultural machines that reduce the labour work; they are widely liked by farmers. These are the kind of machines that he cannot make in bulk; so, builds them when the demands arise or when he receives orders for them. His father, Janardhan and his mother, Geetanjali are extremely proud of him and continue to extend their support through all highs and lows. 

Making vintage cars during lockdown

The idea of making vintage cars occurred to Yuvraj during the lockdown in the year 2020. He had ample amount of space and resources with him. He utilized his father’s furniture factory and began his work. 

The first step involved the designing of the cars. He then took spare parts from his father’s old bike and used them to construct his car. He wished to make his car electric, so he bought engines and installed them in. After the completion of his project, he shared the pictures with people, and he gained so much popularity that a bunch of orders started coming in. 

Increasing popularity

When he completes making a project of a car and brings them out on the streets, people come out of their houses excitedly to look at his invention. Yuvraj shares that people take pictures with his vintage cars even if they cannot buy them. He loves to see people fascinated by his inventions. If it were possible for him, he would let these people have his cars free of cost, but it takes immense amount of time and money to build them. This has certainly helped him spread a word about his work as he receives orders from far away states. The first order he received was from the MLA of his area. 

Selling cars in different states

Yuvraj has sold his electric vehicles in Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Kolkata, Goa and Chhattisgarh. He even customizes the orders as per his customer’s preferences. The car has the capacity to reach up to a speed of 100 km per hour. It takes up to 3 hours to charge them and the cars are sold between the range of Rs 2.75 to 10.50 lakh.