Gurugram: The loss of a job leads to discouragement and despondency. The pandemic took away the livelihood of many people and left them cursing their fate. On the other hand, rather than being disappointed with losing her job, Sakshi Guha set up a ladder to success for herself. She started on her journey as a businesswoman and did not stop until she achieved her desired milestones. 

Born in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, Sakshi’s father supported his family of eight by working as a factory worker. Sakshi is the youngest of her siblings and most ambitious about her future. After completing her education in her hometown, Sakshi moved to Delhi in hopes of getting a stable job. She worked in different companies and gained experience but lost her job in March 2019. 

Rising after unemployment

At first, Sakshi was disheartened but she realized her responsibilities and a number of business ideas started bustling in her mind. She states that her mother is an excellent cook, and everyone relishes her delectable dishes. She had discussions with her mother and both of them decided that they would start their tiffin service. 

It was challenging at first to spread the word and acquire customers for their tiffin service, but after setting up a firm foundation, they were finally able to earn a regular income with their business. Due to lack of funds, Sakshi could not hire workers, and apart from cooking, did all the work herself. Buying vegetables and other items in bulk during Covid was difficult, but after the lockdown was lifted, things became a little easier for the mother-daughter duo. 

The vegetarian menu included dal, roti and rice in home-made style; while the non-vegetarian menu included chicken and eggs with a little more spice to make them mouth watery. As Sakshi had predicted, all the customers loved her mother’s food and would call her multiple times to place orders from them. 

Business during Covid

The most difficult thing in going after your dreams is taking the first step. As the story goes with all the startups, the beginnings are always painstaking. But after you manage to survive through the first steps bravely, your work in itself becomes motivating, and you are left wanting to keep moving forward. 

Soon, Sakshi started taking online orders and in no time, got her business registered on various food platforms like Swiggy and Zomato. After some relaxations were announced in the lockdown by the government, it became, even more, easier for Sakshi to gain more customers. 

Sufficient funds were collected, and with discussions with family members, Sakshi rented a place to open her own eatery. Her very first outlet was named ‘Bengali Love Café’. Soon after the launch, her café became a success with a diverse range of Bengali dishes. 

Sakshi’s café quickly picked up the pace in the path of success and she provided employment to 30 women as a form of empowerment. She started receiving orders for events like weddings and other festivals. Her restaurant was especially a hit during Durga puja because she attracted a lot of Bengali residents in nearby areas because of her choice of name for the place. Bhog Khichri, which is a traditional Bengali dish received great appreciation for its authentic Bengali taste. 

Earning three lakhs in a month

Sakshi shares that she has helped more than 30 women to become independent. She made these women realize their potential and gave them employment during their difficult times. 

Another reason for Sakshi’s happiness is her mother’s support for her business. She believes that she would not have become an independent businesswoman without her mother. It’s her mother’s food that everybody likes to devour, and she has only been a means to get more people to enjoy her excellent dishes. There’s no need left for the promotion of her outlet, as her brand has become a mark of trust among her customers. She receives around 400 orders daily and an earning of three to four lakhs in a month.