In Rajasthan, the success story of an accomplished student is creating a buzz. Following the announcement of the results of class 12 board exams, numerous students are making headlines for their extraordinary tales of success.

One such student is Vishnu Upadhyay who scored 93 percent marks in his class 12 results in Arts stream. Previously he scored 95.33 percent marks in class 10. What makes Vishnu’s story remarkable is the fact that he is visually impaired and yet he managed to secure an impressive score. 

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Vishnu’s hard work

Vishnu is a promising student. After his success, he shared with the media that he does not want to become a burden on anyone. His aim is to be self-reliant and educated. He has been visually impaired since childhood. Despite extensive medical treatments, there was no improvement in his vision. 

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Vishnu studies using Braille script. He remains consistently devoted to his education despite all the challenges. His father, Jasraj, works in marketing for a private company. In his exams, Vishnu scored above 90 marks in English, Political Science, History, and Hindi literature. 

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IAS Dreams

He has received constant support and encouragement from his family and friends. Since childhood, he had a passion for excelling in his studies. When asked about his dreams, Vishnu shared that he wishes to serve the country by becoming an IAS officer.

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